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Our Team

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Director - Technical

Background in Housing Design and Construction with experience in Renewable Transport Systems. Highly experienced in CAD in various packages as well as Design for Construction. SMP Design for Oil & Gas and Renewable Systems. Manufacturing Design Management for local and international markets.

Director - Strategy

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Background in medical Robotics and Autonomous Systems Design for Defence. Extensive experience in the Oil & Gas and Resource Industries, setting up international Supply Chains, Off-shore Manufacturing, oversight of Project & Engineering activities, international business development, overall strategy and execution.


Director - Operations

Background in Hydraulic Design for Pumping and Long Distance Pipelines with R&D and Material Testing. Extensive experience in designing fluid transport systems within the Mining and Industrial sectors. Seasoned Project Manager undertaking turnkey Design and Construct Projects

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Originate from a company that provides modular traditional fuel stations, our expertise is built from our experience in projects and knowledge in modular self-contained systems built over the years.

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